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Ananda Putta Bhumi Sectorial Master Unit - Poland

Ananda Putta Bhumi is an eco-farm and spiritual center located amidst the enchanting Karkonosze Mountains in the south-west of Poland.

Responsive devices"Ananda Putta Bhumi ' is a Sanskrit name which means "Place of Pure Thoughts". The name reflects a state of mind derived from spiritual practices taught Shrii Shrii Anandamurti also known as Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar.

One of the main activity of Ananda Putta Bhumi is conducting environmental education with spiritual outlook. The approach is spiritual ecology. Maintaining an ecological balance is one of its main goal.

Ananda Putta Bhumi is spiritual center. It is one of the many Ananda Marga Master Units all over the world. In this center, Prout as a comprehensive economic system is being implemented.

Anand Putta Bhumi regularly organizes and hosts environmental and ecological events. Training courses on meditation and yoga are incorporated in all of the events offered to the general public.

The office is managed and directed by Ac. Vanditananda Avt, the Sectorial Master Unit Rector.

You may contact the Sectorial Master Unit Rector at:
Glebock 37,
58-535 Milkow
Phone: +48 (075)7610716

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