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During the first visit of Baba in Europe from 19th May until 22nd May 1979, one of the places where He stayed was Timmern. This house in Timmern is the only property owned by Ananda Marga in Europe where Baba had stayed during His European tour. In the evening of the 20th of May 1979, Baba gave a Pravacan in English. That said Pravacan has now become the Subhasita Samgraha Part 12.

Baba had demonstrated His unique love for Europe when His gave Avadhuta Diiksa to the two Acayas in this place - Timmern, Germany. The Avadhuta Diiksa given by Baba in Timmern was the only Diiksa He had ever given outside India.

Currently, this house where Baba spent most of His days in Europe is being used as Local Full Timer (LFT) Training Center for brothers in Europe.

Timmern LFT Training Center is managed by Seva Dharma Mission (SDM) with the whole-hearted support of Ananda Magiis of Timmern and the surrounding areas.

Contact Address:
Berlinerstr. 11
38327 Semmenstedt-Timmern
Phone: +49 5336 948800 or +49 5336 948462