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Berlin Sector

AMPS Berlin Sectorial Office

Berlin Sectorial Office is the heart of Ananda Marga logistics in Europe and North Africa. It supports and coordinates the multi dimensional stream of activities and finances of Ananda Marga within these jurisdictions.

Responsive devicesIts dynamic structural reach and functions are linked, from the topmost AMPS Central Office in India to the likely unheard Ananda Marga Units in Europe and North Africa.

Berlin Sectorial Office is the transit hub of Ananda Marga Missionaries who crisscross the continental Europe and North Africa. It serves as their home, intervening their tour program and the targets they plan to achieve.

The office is managed and directed by Ac. Aniishananda Avt, the Sectorial Office Secretary.

You may contact the Sectorial Office Secretary at:
Ananda Marga Sectorial Office
Weisenauer Weg 4
D-55129 Mainz
+49 6131 834262
+49 6131 832995

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Group Photo